Fair Days in Oysterville

Jul 3, 2011 | 1 comment

Arts and Artisans in Oysterville

       The Fourth of July Festivities began on Friday-the-First here in Oysterville.  Over in the schoolyard inviting white tents overflowed with colorful art and the holiday crowds oohed and aahed and purchased one-of-a-kind treasures.
     It was the first Oysterville Arts and Artisan Fair and was sponsored by the Oysterville Community Club as a fund-raiser.  The artists – mostly from the peninsula but at least one from as far afield as Hood River – each donated a piece of art to be raffled off during the fair.  Raffle tickets at a dollar apiece were being sold at a brisk rate.
     Events of this sort are always fun to attend, especially when they are happening within a stone’s throw of our house.  I don’t know if we spent more time visiting with the artists, most of whom we know, or admiring their artwork.  And then there were all the other friends and neighbors who, like ourselves, took advantage of the opportunity to do a lot of “catch up visiting.”  It was definitely a social event to be reckoned with!
     We also took the opportunity to introduce ourselves to one of the artists whose work had been recommended to us by the flagger-guy at the current Astoria Bridge construction site.  When he stopped our car Friday morning, he took one look at our OYSTRVL license plate and walked over to talk to us.
    “Did you go to the art fair?” he asked.
     “Not yet.”  We didn’t point out that we had left town a half hour earlier, just when they were setting up.
     “My girlfriend has a booth there,” he said with obvious pride.
     “What kind of art does she do?”
     That seemed to slow him down a little, but finally he responded, “All kinds.”
     And he was right.  She was showing paintings, jewelry, pottery, you name it.  All intriguing and tempting.
     We overheard several artists say that they were doing “very well.”  We hope so – well enough that they will be back next year for the “Second Annual…”

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  1. Nancy

    Is it too late to purchase raffle tickets? I am already planning to be in O’Ville next year for the 2nd. Annual Arts and Artisan Fair. Please reserve me a room.


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