First I was teary… then speechless!

Aug 28, 2020 | 2 comments

Tied With A Bow!

When the doorbell rang yesterday in mid-afternoon, I couldn’t imagine who it could be.  By the time I arrived to answer… not a soul.  But there was a large Harry and David box on the bench next to the door and it was addressed to me!

“Thank you for being there and all you have done since Day 1!  ORF!! Everyone.”  OMG!  Really?  And being the sophisticated woman of the world that I know myself to be, I began to weep…

Snacks To Die For

As of this month, I have resigned completely from my role as “Church Lady.”  Two (or maybe three) years ago, I lucked out when Carol Wachsmuth agreed to take on the Music Vespers scheduling job that I had done since the early nineties when my mother could no longer manage it.  Then, wonder of wonders, Vicki Carter agreed to take on the job of church scheduling — for weddings, funerals, concerts… whatever… and, yesterday, I turned over the scheduling information to her.  That job I’d taken on in the 1980s when the woman who was doing it moved away.  Hard to believe I’ve been talking to brides for almost 40 years!

Nine Individually Wrapped Pears

I am so delighted that, in both cases, friends in whom I have the utmost faith have taken on those big responsibilities. I had given no thought to any further closure.  Certainly, I never expected a gift!  And such a gorgeous one, too!   A big metal box-like tray with handles, totally surrounded by cold packs, and tied with big white ribbon, contained the following:

9 individually wrapped pears
1 4-ounce package sharp white cheddar
1 box 3-seed crackers
1 10-ounce jar pepper and onion relish
12 rasperry gallette cookies
13 chocolate cherries
6 assocrted chocolate truffles
1 bag of six mint chocolates
1 bag Moose Munch milk chocolate premium popcorn

I am overwhelmed.  I called ORF president Paul but had to leave a message.  I wrote a lame thank you letter to the ORF trustees.  I don’t really know how to say thank you for a gift for doing a job that gave me so many positive experiences and introduced me to so many wonderful people over the years.  And… whoops!  Here come the tears again…


  1. Kathleen Staub

    You certainly deserve it, Sydney, for all the years of service!

    • sydney

      Thank you, Kathleen. I truly enjoyed all those years and will miss the associations with the brides, especially. But it was definitely time to pass the torch. I always feared that some day I would get confused and double-book a wedding or two! YIKES!


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