But… have you gone inside!?!

Aug 27, 2020 | 2 comments

If you’ve driven north through Long Beach on the Pacific Hiway, you’ve seen it.  No one could have missed the knock-your-socks-off purple building that used to be the Picture Attic and is now…. drum roll…. BOLD Arts and Coffee.  But…?  Have you been in?

Yes, it’s open.  Softly.  Owners Daneka Ewert and Greg Holmes say, “If the door’s open, come on in.”  They are still adding finishing touches but the coffee machine is up and running (the cafe mocha is delish!!), baked goods are available,  and the artwork is on display!  YES!  Artwork!  At last count, thirty-four (count ’em 34) “local artists and makers” according to Gallery Manager Sue Svendsen.  The names, familiar and maybe not so.  Their works up and priced and ready to go home with you — watercolors, oils, pottery, stained glass, pastels, you name it!  Bring your check book!

PLUS — books by Jan Bono and me (yes!  my ghost book!!) and Jim Tweedie/David Campiche are on display and ready for purchase, as are CDs by ten talented muscians.  There are soaps and candles and teas, bath products and pet sprays — all by local entrepeneurs and… and… and!

Sip and nibble at tables on the patio or in the gallery surrounded by art — social distancing with a BOLD flair.  Framer Pat Fitting is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays to discuss your framing needs and soon the art supply/classroom space will be ready to go!  Check it all out!  It’s a great new place to “shelter in style” and will improve your outlook, guaranteed!


  1. Jean Nitzel

    So thankful that Greg and Daneka have taken the Picture Attic to the next level, their youth and enthusiasm are so exciting and the building is in great hands. So grateful for the time to relax and enjoy my retirement, knowing that our customers for many years still have a place to go and much more. Go BOLD!

    • sydney

      I love it that they have followed in your footsteps and have retained the feel of The Picture Attic — the framing, the artwork, and soon the art supplies. You created the mold, Jean. I look at BOLD as the 2020 update!


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