Could we please have a Growly Day?

Nov 23, 2015 | 3 comments

A Hug for Kay, 1938

A Hug for Kay, 1938

Sometimes (just sometimes, mind you) I get tired of being cheerful and positive and thankful. Sometimes, I really don’t want to focus on my blessings (as I was brought up to do.) Sometimes I don’t want to consider all the ways that I’m better off than many of the people I know and a whole host of people I don’t know (“the starving Armenians” as my mother would say.)

No, sometimes (just sometimes, mind you) I’d like a day of wallowing and feeling like Poor Pitiful Pearl. I’d like to just indulge myself by recounting all the slights and unfairnesses that seem to come my way unbidden – you know, all the petty stuff that clots up our days and interferes with the Smooth Sailing aspects of our lives.

But, of course, snuffling around about the inconsequential slights of life is not good form. We are taught from our knee-high days to suck it up, put a good face on it, look at things from another point of view, etc. Ad nauseum.

Sydney and Pete, 1938

Sydney and Pete, 1938

It’s probably because Thanksgiving is coming up that I am thinking these dark and dismal god-forbid-don’t-say-that-out-loud thoughts. As we approach our annual ‘Look at the Glass Half Full Day’ I’m thinking that we ought to have an official ‘Half Empty Day’ as well. After all, we are all told that it’s not a good idea to bottle up those negative thoughts. Pour them out, I say! Let’s have a National Growly Day.

Today might be a good time. Okay, I’ll start…


  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, I love the thought! AND your blog. While not a Daily Reader, I am at least a Weekly Reader (remember them?) and you are way more entertaining than any other blogger I know! Not to mention informative. And really, in considering a National Growly Day, I concur. So does Pooh Bear. Now for Thanksgiving… I know you have a big deadline but I would love to see you sometime over the holiday weekend. My son Todd and his family are coming for the Big Meal Deal on Thursday (their first time here) and have asked that we be alone (just us, please, Mom?). But how bout Friday or Saturday? Can you fit it in? Thanks for the continuing joy of being your friend and relation… Kris

  2. Bruce Jones

    How about a “Stop Whining And Just Deal With It” day?
    A Grumpy Curmudgeon

    • sydney

      Not on your life! That was the whole point of my tirade — I want a day when I don’t have to suck it up and deal with it! EVERY day is one of those already!


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