Christmas at the White House in Oysterville!

Dec 25, 2011 | 3 comments

Christmas 2011

     Until very recently – like the last twenty years or so – we’ve had no street addresses here in Oysterville.  Neighbors lived in “the big red house” or in “the little cottage right across from the school.”  In a village of fewer than two dozen residences, any identification beyond that seemed superfluous.  Unfortunately, all that simplicity went out the window once bureaucracy got into the act, but that’s another story.
     Suffice it to say that ours has always been “the white house across from the church.”  Since we’ve traditionally had the only white house in town, people have shortened the description to simply “the white house” or sometimes to the “Oysterville White House.”  A few months ago, though, our across-the-street-neighbor, Bradley, painted his house white.  So now there is a “white house across from the church” and a “white house next door to the church.”
     It could become confusing, but so far anyway, long usage retains precedence.  I know that because on Friday night, the President found his way here to our party at the Oysterville White House.  And… he has stayed to visit for awhile!
     He has positioned himself near our Christmas tree and has provided a constantly smiling photo opportunity for friends and family.  What a guy!  Never mind that he has seemed just a tad two-dimensional!  We are enjoying his presence greatly.
     Even though his height makes me look a bit like a dwarf when I cozy up to him, I couldn’t resist having my own photo taken — me wearing in my new Christmas sweatshirt.  It says in bold white letters, “Occupy Oysterville.”  I love it!
     I intend to wear that shirt everywhere.  It’s not that anyone here in Oysterville will be setting up their tents or picketing, at least not that I know of.  Nor can I speak for anyone else in town.  But I support the fact that people, everywhere, are finally speaking their minds again after several quiet, seemingly complacent decades.  Hooray for that!
     And, there is always the hope that the good thoughts and intentions symbolized by the goings-on here at the Oysterville White House will send some positive energy out toward the troubles at own little post office and the old cannery building right here in town. Perhaps 2012 will bring some positive change to our little village.  Or at least a return to normalcy.


  1. Skyler (Flora)

    Love your new shirt and your visit from the President!

    • sydney


  2. Stephanie Frieze

    I LOVE IT, especially the shirt! Dave enjoyed getting his picture taken with the President. It was nice that he could drop by for a while.


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