Dec 26, 2011 | 2 comments

Christmas Toy

     I don’t know how long ago I turned the corner into adulthood, but I’m quite sure it had nothing to do with celebrating the birthday of my majority.  For me, the line of demarcation between child and adult has something to do with the day after Christmas.
     I remember fondly those years that December 26th was the day I got to play with my new toys all day long.  Sometime during my upper elementary years, that segued into burying myself in a new book – maybe a Nancy Drew mystery – for the day.  There were no worries.  No responsibilities.  It was a day for self-indulgence.
     Then came a home and family of my own.  There never seemed to be such a day of all-about-me, not even on the day after Christmas.  There was always ‘stuff’ to be done – clean up the debris from the presents, reorganize a refrigerator overflowing with left-overs, tidy up the house, take care of the needs of houseguests and visiting family members, maybe even make up for lost time on a writing deadline.
     So, it’s with a little niggling of concern that I am planning to spend today taking a nap (or maybe two), reading Living in a Foreign Language by Michael Tucker, and maybe not even bothering to get dressed.  And there is not a whit of guilt attached – only a bit of curiosity about such a state of being.  Is it that next stage of maturity: perhaps old age?
     Charlie heads back to L.A. this morning.  Nyel is going to finish putting together his new bicycle (balloon tires, coaster brakes – just like long ago!).  I think I’m heading back to bed.  I’m looking forward to reading this “Memoir of Food Wine, and Love in Italy” given to me by my new friend, Kitt.  I suspect she knows all about perfect escapes from the Christmas Aftermath and, in her case anyway, it certainly has nothing to do with age!  Definitely a reassuring thought…


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Considering what you went through leading up to your Christmas party and Christmas itself, I think that you deserve a day to do whatever you want. I hope Nyel has fun with his new toy. That’s the only sort of bike I like. Does it have a seat in the back so you can sit side-saddle and go for a ride with your sweetie??

  2. Mark Petersen

    Good luck, Nyel! Those pesky instructions are tough. Just remember, the padded part is “up.”


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