Can you hear it? The garden is calling!

Feb 20, 2024 | 0 comments

February 20, 2024

Here it is, just a few days past the mid-point of February — often a time when we might expect a snow flurry or even some icy weather.  But, instead, it was a mild 52º outside with no wind at all — not even a zephyr!  No wonder I could actually hear the garden calling me!

I took a little walk-about, wondering if it was time yet to set up a mowing schedule (I decided not) and cursed myself for not braving the stormy weather the last few weeks to spray the camellias with deer repellant.  While I have been hunkering, the deer people have been munching.  The camellia leaves are definitely looking tatty and I have no doubt that those garden visitors have been scoping out the York Roses, as well — never mind that they are still without leaves or blooms.

I went right to work with my magic spray bottle with lots of apologies to the primroses and hydrangeas (as well as the camellias and roses) for my neglectful ways and with promises to do better in the days ahead.   Actually, the primroses look pretty good and both of the camellias are starting to blossom beautifully.  I’m so curious about that.  The last few years they began blooming in December and now they are back “on schedule” with the first blossoms coming shortly before my birthday.  Go figure.

Otherwise, things don’t look too shabby.  The daffodils are beginning to bloom and the rhododendrons are budding — the Jean Maries whispering, “We’ll see you in May! We’ll see you in May!”  And, of course, I answered, “Yes!!”  And sooner than that I’ll be out here a bit more.  Daylight Savings begins in a few weeks and it always seems to give me more time to be outside.  And four weeks from today is the first day of Spring!!   No wonder the garden is calling!



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