Big Doings at the Oysterville Store!

Jun 9, 2014 | 0 comments

At the Oysterville Store

At the Oysterville Store

Food! That’s the news from Oysterville. Food items galore at the Oysterville store! And it’s only going to get better.

When Greg first got into the store biz here in Oysterville, he had the thought that he’d have a “really good” coffee concession in the little room to the east. But those pesky rules and regs got in the way – something about his water source or the licensing by past owners… or something. Whatever the problem, it was complicated and expensive and Greg decided that the beverage of choice should lean more in the wine and beer direction, at least for the time being.

So he applied for his liquor license, got it, and set about making plans. For starters, in order to meet the regulations of the State Liquor Board (or someone), he had to have $3,000 worth of food (yes, food) on his shelves before he could begin stocking alcoholic beverages. It has taken almost a year – when you have a needy store building plus a needy house next door to say nothing of a needy vehicle, and have given up (more or less) your day job, it’s a matter of priorities.

Greg at Work

Greg at Work with Advisers Jim and Marian Lee

We’ve all been cheering and clapping and urging him on from the sidelines. Not that we were expecting a Whole Foods sort of operation. Maybe more like Half Foods. After all, Oysterville is not the Big City. Our demographic probably couldn’t even support a Quarter Foods. But, thank goodness for the steady stream (at least in summer) of tourists headed out to the beach or up to the point.

The choices newly placed on Greg’s shelves look like they should appeal to almost everyone. For the clammers, big bags of panko and boxes of soda crackers. For the gourmet cooks, some to-die-for spices and sauces. For those with a leisurely weekend brunch in mind, there are an array of jellies, jams and marmalades. And, in the next few days, specialty candies will fill the old-fashioned, right-at-kids’-eye-level, curved glass candy case – only steps away from the shelves of cookies and other dessert items.

Everywhere You Look!

Everywhere You Look!

Meanwhile, of course, Greg’s amazing array of sculptures and signs, sweaters and aprons, jewelry and greeting cards, tempt and tease even those of us who already have more than enough “stuff.” And did I say books? Lots of them, especially about our area and more especially about Oysterville. ( Some are even by me!)

‘Half Foods’ doesn’t half describe it. The Oysterville Store really isn’t half anything – not by half, you might say. It’s All Yummy, All Engrossing, All Seductive – all of which can also be said of its proprietor. It’s well worth stopping by. And often!


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