Apples and Tree Frogs and Sailboats, Oh My!

Jul 9, 2013 | 1 comment


Sailboats on the Bay!

For those of us in Oysterville, summer arrived last Saturday.  First there was a parade of Wachsmuths walking south on Territory Road and turning east on Clay Street.  They were carrying all manner of nautical equipment which soon converted itself to… sailboats on the bay!  The whole village seemed to breathe a contented sigh.  Finally!  Summer!

Not that there haven’t been other signs of the season.  The apples on our trees in the south garden are coming right along.  The Shasta daisies are popping up everywhere – even in places where they weren’t invited.  And, the tree frogs are trying to hitch rides into the house when I’m out picking bouquets.

Apple Tree

Apples on the Tree!

Weather-wise, though, not so much.  Fog and gray most mornings.  Sun in the afternoon.  Brisk, cool breezes from the west.  Not much warmth.  Not that I’m complaining…  It’s just that I’m still a California girl in the Summer Department.  A few hot days would go a long way toward making it feel like summer; never mind what it looks like.

Last year, the hottest day of summer came in August.  August 4th to be exact.  It was the day we hosted Jean and John Smith’s Retirement Party and it was 98° on our porch.  Twice I had to come inside and lie down with a cold towel on the back of my neck!  (So much for that ‘California Girl’ moniker!)  Once I took time to drink a few gallons of lemonade and sit in a spot of shade, all was well.  How soon we forget…

Tree Frog

Tree Frog on Shasta Daisy!

I never have totally acclimatized to the Northwest.  It still amazes me that shorts and tank tops are the costume-of-the-day when the sun comes out – summer or winter and never-mind-the-temperature.  The dress code has nothing to do with heat.  It’s all about soaking up those rays whenever they might appear.

But, sailboats are another matter entirely – at least here in Oysterville.  If we see them out our east windows, we know it’s summer.  Never mind that we are still clothed in  long pants and long sleeves and waiting for the temperatures to rise.   Summer is here!  Hats off to the sailors on Willapa Bay and may they have ‘fair winds and following seas.’

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I can now attest to your thin blood, Sydney. No one has ever showed up at our house in Summer in a fur coat, but Ana would have sat on the couch in her coat were she not in Brazil! Another of the thin blooded lot!


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