Lovely Linda and Her Lemonade

Jul 8, 2013 | 3 comments

The Lovely Linda - Photo by Karen Tompkins

The Lovely Linda — A Karen Tompkins Photo

We arrived at our friend Stephanie’s just in time for the picnic dinner Saturday.  As is always true around meal time at Stephanie’s house (at least at her Ilwaco house) there were people of all ages everywhere – hard at work over the barbecue, chatting in the living room, fixing food in the kitchen, and somewhere out of sight watching a movie (at least it sounded like it.)

We headed for comfy seats and joined in a conversation about fireworks.  There were critiques about the July 4th displays (past and present) in Long Beach and how they compared with the more recently instigated incendiary shows in Ilwaco.  We enjoyed hearing all the pros and cons, knowing, as we did, that we would be heading back up the Peninsula before it grew dark enough for the Port’s extravaganza.

Stephanie’s youngest granddaughter Lydia put in an appearance and then was mostly heard (well, the movie in the other room) and not seen.  Her older sister Linda, however, was working on a craft project which involved sewing, stuffing, and gluing with superglue.  That final step waited until Linda’s mom had a moment and then… voila!  A pink owl with pointy ears and big hooty eyes!

Linda and Lydia had been sitting out in front of the house for much of the day selling lemonade.  They did very well, or so Grandma Stephanie told us.  More than fifty dollars!!  When I exclaimed over the amount, Linda was as self-contained as ever – only a little smile over her part in the successful venture.

I was not one bit surprised to see Lovely Linda’s photograph on FaceBook the next morning.  (Where oh where was Lydia?  Not watching the movie already?)   The picture had been taken by Karen Tompkins, Stephanie’s Ilwaco neighbor (and mother of two girls who I taught at Ocean Park School twenty-some years ago!)  Karen had titled the picture “Ilwaco’s Cutest Patriotic Entrepreneur.”  I second that!

And I heard the next day that the girls had managed to stay awake to watch the fireworks that night.  Why am I not surprised?


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    Miss Linda did very well with her stand and is looking forward to coming back to Grammy’s and doing it again!

  2. Caroline Miller

    What does a glass of lemonade go for these days, I wonder. I remember selling the stuff for a nickel. Think the rate of inflation must have kicked in. Hey, for $50, I’m ready to squeeze a few lemons myself, but I’m not as cute as Miss Linda.

    • sydney

      I think they were charging 50 cents a glass. Apparently, there was a family discussion about whether they should charge 25 or 50 and 50 won out. Also, the cuteness factor meant that lots of people paid with a dollar bill and said, “Keep the change.” I don’t know if that would work with us old ducks or not!


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