Another One of Those Guy Things

Feb 19, 2022 | 0 comments

Take a one-legged man with a lifetime ailment called “stubborn-to-the-max.”  Add one plugged toilet and a heavy-duty toilet plunger.  (Plus, of course, bad experiences in the past with the above combination.)  And I don’t have to tell most wives that it’s a recipe for disaster.

I heard the awesome crash from my office.  “NYEL!!” I called (read: screamed.)  Silence,  I was still calling his name and was almost to the bathroom when he finally answered.  The next few seconds went something like:

By now I was looking at him, crumpled with both legs at odd angles, his head and shoulders nestled against the clawfoot bathtub.  Although we both already knew it, Nyel said, “I don’t have the strength to get myself up,” and I replied, “Neither do I.”  The wheelchair was right there next to him but we both knew there was no way to get him into it.  Not without help.

“I’ll call Tucker,” I said.  “No!  Wait!” And we wasted ten minutes or so while Nyel directed me to bring in a dining room chair, place it just so, and…  I called Tucker.  “Could you come?  Nyel has fallen.  He’s fine but we can’t get him up.  The front door is open.  We’re in the bathroom.”

He came right away although, of course, it seemed like forever. We worried about his back and the best approach etc. and then he leaned down, wrapped his arms around Nyel, lifted him, turned him, and sat him in the wheelchair.  “That was easy!” he said.  “Much easier than I thought it would be.”  We chatted for a few minutes — caught up a bit on our neighbors Peter and Linda — and he was on his way.  To say we owe him bigtime is the understatement of ever.

Later, the plunger and I fixed the toilet.  And Nyel and I had a bit of a come-to-Jesus meeting about plumbing difficulties (this particular problem is an ongoing one), plumbers, toilets, and possible solutions.  For right now, though:  I’ve hidden the plunger.


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