Wow! A Drinking Day to Remember!

Feb 20, 2022 | 2 comments

A Plate for Nyel

The drinking began at two this afternoon at our neighbors’ house — tea at the Wachsmuths’!  Granddaughters Gabi and Danielle, their parents Charlie and Amy and, of course, Oma and Opa were there.  Petit fours and Marion’s walnut cake plus tea or coffee, decaf or regular, and all on Carol’s grandmother’s Haviland China!  What a spectacular treat!  And did I take a picture?  Of course not.  I was much too busy eating, drinking, talking, listening.  So much fun!  I love tea parties.

Mac Funk

Carol sent a plate of goodies home for Nyel but he had scarcely time to look at it before Mac Funk and Alex Rivera arrived — just in time for the cocktail hour.  Mac, like Nyel, had ice water; Alec and  I had Bloody Marys.  Mac is the reporter who was alerted to our area by my 2019 “Stories From The Heart” series in the Chinook Observer and whose subsequent story about our local immigrant population and their problems made it to the New York Times Magazine.  Alex is a filmmaker whose work on documentaries about ICE and immigration problems was instrumental in getting Gladys reunited with Rosas here on the Peninsula. (Check them both out on Google.)

Alex Rivera

We talked and laughed and worried and wondered nonstop for two hours and then they were off to a dinner engagement in Long Beach.  I felt so honored that they came by to visit.  These are men who work hard and long and who, ultimately, make a huge difference in the lives of so many people.  I am full of admiration for both of them and  humbled by the immensity of the differences they make.  And even more humbled that they came clear to Oysterville for a visit!




  1. Kirk deFord

    Wonderful message! So great to hear the news of Oysterville! Keep writing and posting! Best to you and all the other Oystervillians!

    • sydney

      Thanks for your comment, Kirk. It was a prompt to take a look at your FB site again and at your “new” website — so much wonderful inspiration and joy in your work! Thank you!


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