And tomorrow begins month ten!

Nov 30, 2020 | 0 comments

Charlie’s Birth Announcement, 1956

Well, if we’d been counting the days these last nine months for another, better reason, we might all have babies to show for our efforts by now.  Hopefully, some people do.  Most of us, though, are simply looking forward to counting more months and I, myself, feel fortunate  to be doing so.

The Covid statistics are scary.  The numbers of people we know and love who are survivors are mounting.  Our beloved Pacific County and Peninsula no longer seem “safe havens.”  But, still, on Territory Road here in Oysterville, there is still a constant parade of visitors.  Unmasked, mostly.

We are content to continue sheltering in place.  There are still projects to do — today Nyel is beginning to repair and re-glue the stretcher bars on our old chairs and stools.  I continue to play “catch-up” with this year’s scrapbooks and try not to be overwhelmed about the last five years that never got done.  Hopefully, the sheltering won’t last long enough to catch up!

While I’m counting my blessings, I often think how lucky we are in comparison to those who endured the 1918 influenza pandemic.  We can stay in touch with loved ones — daily if we want! — through the magic of cyberspace and telephone lines.  We can even visit face-to-face on zoom or skype.  We can shop for needed items without leaving our fireside and we can keep abreast of medical progress and other news through radio and television and computer.

And then there’s the whole “entertainment” piece of things.  There are movies and concerts and virtual art shows — all available with a few taps on a remote or a keyboard.  How lucky we are!!!   Could our forebears — those who survived the plagues and epidemics and other fatal horrors — have even imagined such possibilities?

And so, we soldier on.  Counting our blessings.  Trying to stay safe.  Missing our loved ones.  Striving to keep faith with those who went before us and hoping to smooth the way for those who will follow.


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