Oysterville’s “C Team” On The Rampage!

Nov 29, 2020 | 6 comments

Cinderella on Automatic Pilot

As unlikely (or bizarre) as it might seem, Mrs. Crouch (our resident ghost) and Cinderella (our roomba robot vacuum cleaner) have paired up!  And not to any good purpose either!

First it was Cinderella cleaning the bathroom without any instructions. The day before Thanksgiving, we had received notice that her Mother Ship was having technical difficulties.  They asked for our patience.  On Thursday, Cinderella began an “independent” cleaning frenzy — no directions from us.  Included in the rooms receiving her attention was the bathroom.

On Friday we found that our 350-pound clawfoot bathtub had fallen off her right rear leg.   Of course, we blamed Cinderella who “navigates” by gently bumping into obstacles in her path.  It’s that particular let that is most difficult to reach (of course) and the one our plumbing contractor had trouble with twenty years ago when the bathroom was “redone.”  Meanwhile (of course) he has retired and, besides, it was the day after Thanksgiving.  Not a plumber in sight.

The Second Broken Leg

That afternoon I noticed that the tub’s left rear leg had suddenly come unmoored!  And, not only that — it was a considerable distance from where it had previously been attached.  Not Cinderella this time…  she’s been grounded for a while.  It was definitely someone else.  Not me.  Not Nyel.  That leaves only Mrs. Crouch.

Last night, I was thinking all of this over — hoping against hope that the plumbing attached to the other end of the tub doesn’t give way before we can get help.  I went into the bar, was just preparing to fix myself a calming Bloody Mary, when the jigger (which is kept on a window sill behind and above the bar) leaped (truly LEAPED) into the air and crashed (truly CRASHED) into the bottles lined up below said sill.

I screamed.  Nyel, in the kitchen, tried to rush to my rescue and dropped a bowl of — well you don’t need to know, but it involved a raw egg and the whole mess landed all over the kitchen and dining room floors.

The Fallen Tub

In the thirty-some years we have “known” Mrs. C, this is the first really mean episode she’s  been involved in.  I don’t know what it was that annoyed her.  We think it must have been something Cinderella did or said.  We can only hope that the tub situation can be remedied before there is new trouble — like the plumbing giving way.  (I did try to turn off the shutoff valves but one half a twist resulted in water leakage so I returned the handle to its original position.)  YIKES!



  1. Cate gable

    Exorcism needed

    • sydney

      Cate -Yes! Where is Marge when I need her???

  2. William Grennan

    Damn the pandemic! We could have all gotten together for a group exorcism/party. Think you can hold out until the vaccine is here?

    • sydney

      Bill – I think we can hold out as far as the “C Team” is concerned… but I’m eager to try that group grope thing…

  3. Kristina Jones

    Dear Cuz, I’m sure that this is something that you have considered: what about the Evil Mr. Crouch??? Hmmm??? What a bad-ass and not in a good way, either. That you have made his poor beleaguered wife a lovely home and Accepted Her Fully (something HE wouldn’t have done!) may have chapped his hide. Too bad Cousin Father Tom is incarcerated at the Old Priest’s Home in CA. He would FIX THIS STUFF!!! Best of British Luck! KK

    • sydney

      Darling Kuzz, YES!!  I did think of that evil “Rev.” Crouch — but you and I are the only ones who did!  (Once again, great minds!.)  I didn’t write about him just in case he reads my blogs and might like the attention.  Hopefully, he’ll cease and desist.  However… who knows how he’ll react when my sequel comes out in the Spring.  It “tells all” …  Or maybe he knows that and this is a little warning salvo…  YIKES!                                                                   Love,  Sydney


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