An Elegant Duo

Oct 20, 2010 | 4 comments

Emlen & Reynolds Duo

     Last Saturday afternoon’s Water Music Festival offering was stellar.  Performers Andrew Emlen and Jeffrey Reynolds were resplendent in their tuxedos; the program ranged from Corelli, Liszt and Bach to a closing Rumanian folk tune that brought the audience’s enthusiastic demand for an encore; and, there was an almost full house at the Inn at Harbor Village despite the Oysterville Church scheduling mix-up by yours truly.
     As I sat enjoying the music and admiring the virtuosity of these two handsome men, I couldn’t help but think about the many times I’ve heard them perform, sometimes together, sometimes with other people, and, in Jeffrey’s case, occasionally alone.  I do not have enough expertise to fairly assess their musical growth over the years that I’ve know them; suffice it to say they get better and better.
     I thought, too, about their presentation.  Specifically, their sartorial style.  Depending upon the particular performance, I’ve seen them in everything from bib-overalls, to Lewis & Clark buckskins and Jeffersonian knee breeches and satin waistcoats.  This was my first glimpse of them in tuxes and, as with their other performance attire, they appeared ‘to the manner born.’
     Perhaps most fascinating to me, though, is the unspoken communication and comfortable rapport between them.  It’s the part of musicianship that I admire the most and the part that seems most mysterious. In whatever way that magical anticipation of one another’s nuance or phrasing is silently understood and instantly adapted to – well, I don’t know where I’m headed with this sentence.  I wish I were heading back to another Emlen & Reynolds performance.


  1. Fern Fey

    They don’t come much better than that!

  2. Andrew Emlen

    Thanks, Sydney! I feel better about my flub-ups now.

  3. Stephanie Frieze

    I’m sorry I missed the performance, Sydney. The Peninsula has so much to offer in the way of entertainment.


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