“Your input is not valid.”

Mar 18, 2021 | 0 comments

I’m not much on conspiracy theories.  Nor am I overly concerned about “privacy issues” or “transparency” or “truth in advertising.”  I’m pretty much a child of the forties and fifties — just enough skepticism about the world to take seriously “buyer beware” and to avoid speaking with strangers and other good advice.

So, when Nyel and I were speaking with Marta and Charlie the other night on a conference call, I was amazed to have our conversation interrupted (while I was speaking) by a voice that said, “Your input is not valid.”  What the hell????  Nyel and I were both on our landline — I using the handset in my office and Nyel using the handset from the Mother Phone near his desk.  He heard the voice, as did I.  Marta and Charlie did not.

When we explained what he had heard Marta said,  “That happened to me once, too.  Remember?” None of us did;  Marta was the only one who heard it and, although she remarked about it, the episode hadn’t really registered.  Now it has.

So… who is monitoring our calls?  And what does “not valid” mean exactly?  I wish I could remember what the subject matter was.  It was one of those free-ranging conversations — progress on some work Charlie’s having done on his house; East Indian and African cookery that Marta’s friend Jim is into; our gradual re-entry into the social world now that we and many of our friends are totally vaccinated etc.

I asked Nyel just now if he remembered where we were in the conversation.  He said, “I hate to tell you… but I think that message was my fault.  I think I inadvertently pushed a button on the phone and that was the response.”

Oh boy howdy!  I hope so!




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