Yesterday’s Oysterville Walkabout

Jun 28, 2015 | 1 comment

Captain Stream House, June 2015

Captain Stream House, June 2015

Nyel is supposed to walk every day. Doctor’s orders. I should walk every day. Common sense. And, how’s that going, you may ask. Better now that school is out and Nyel’s schedule is more flexible. But only a little.

However, on the plus side, we’ve taken enough steps on enough days that Nyel can now get beyond the north end stop sign without getting tired. And he can keep up with me, thank goodness. (It was such a reversal of roles when I was the one setting too fast a pace. I hated that!)

High and Dry

High and Dry

Yesterday, we walked ‘the near loop’ which means we didn’t go clear to First Street before turning south again – only to Main Street and past the Captain Stream House. But our pace stayed steady and there were no rest stops along the way, except for a few seconds now and then while I took pictures.

It’s amazing what you notice when you walk. (I always think that but, somehow, it isn’t enough to motivate me; every time requires a new argument with self.) Yesterday it was the rowboat in the field south of Dan’s house. Maybe it’s been there for ages but it took yesterday’s walkabout to catch my eye. The workmen’s trucks around the Captain Stream house informed us that there were changes happening there, too, but all on the inside. From the outside, the house looks close to completion. And did I say fantastic?

Roof Work

Roof Work

You hear things, too, when you walk. At least we do, since we don’t have our ears connected to the radio or music downloads or something. Yesterday it was the sound of hammering. Way across the way on the roof of Oysterville Sea Farms some ‘finishing touches’ were taking place. I’m not sure what those little fillips on the rooftop are – maybe they have to do with vents. I can’t think that they would be purely decorative.  They (or their descendants) have been there since my childhood, but it took yesterday’s walk for me to notice and wonder about them.

Walking is good – let me count the ways. And maybe the steps.

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    “They” claim that the more time you spend outside, the healthier your mind is as well. I need to turn my mind off when I’m outside and not listen to all the chores that need doing that call to me. Edna Gray and Nony walked to Sid’s from their Seaview home every day. “Use it or loose it, kid,” she’d tell me. I miss her matter-of-fact way of speaking. When I feel like I’ve reached an age when something is just too much, I think of her words.

    I love the picture of the boat! I’m sure there’s a story there, or one could be made.


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