Wyandotte or Wannabe?

Jun 12, 2012 | 2 comments

Of all our current crop of chickens, it is the largest of the Wyandottes that is the friendliest.  Although all of the others willingly eat out of Nyel’s hand, she is the only one, thus far, who allows him to hold her.  Yesterday, in fact, she spent quite a bit of time utilizing his arm as a roost and then perched, falcon-like, on his hand for a few minutes.

Clearly she is confused.  So are we.  When we adopted her as a two-day-old chicklet, still in her baby fluff, we were told that she was a silver lace-winged Wyandotte.  She did look like one then but she hasn’t quite turned out that way.  Her feathers are not tipped with black as a grownup’s of that breed should be, at least not so far.

Otherwise, she looks as advertised – big enough to be a dual purpose chicken, good for meat (sh!) as well as for eggs.  We are only interested in the egg part and it’ll be several months before we’ll know if they are the tan or brown typical of Wyandottes.

She, of course, may think that she is a falcon.  Or perhaps it’s just  Nyel who thinks so, he being deep into the latest C. J. Box book which concerns Nate, the falcon guy.  But I, myself, witnessed Ms. W. as she walked out onto Nyel’s hand and then stood there for quite some time.  She didn’t seem quite sure where to go next – up or down.

“Maybe I need to get a leather glove…” mused Farmer Nyel.


  1. brigid

    What a joy! You two have all the fun.

  2. Sunrise

    We are eating and serving lovely light brown eggs from our 14 9-month-old Wyandottes. They are so friendly and beautiful. Nice roosters, too.


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