Wow! Welcome! Way To Go!

Apr 3, 2012 | 2 comments

     Samuel Hawkeye Wachsmuth was eager to get on with things – so eager that he arrived early, didn’t wait for the medical folks, and demanded that his dad do the delivery honors.  Never mind that it was dad’s first experience at delivering a baby.  After all, it was Sam’s first experience, too, and everyone did just fine.
     Sam weighed in at 9 pounds 3 ounces and was 20½ inches long.  He was born at home in Portland, in the very house where his great-great-grandparents lived and where his great-grandfather had also been born back in 1919.  That makes him the fifth generation to live in the house and the second boy child (as far as I know) to be born there.
     I’m pretty sure Sam’s record is unusual.  In our highly mobile society, not many families live generation after generation in the same area, much less in the same city and in the same house. Even here in remote Oysterville where five and six generations are fairly common, if the “same house” isn’t the sticking point, the “being born there” is.
     My Espy cousins do have the same house that our great-grandfather had, and some of them have grandchildren of their own.  That makes six continuous generations associated with the household but, unlike Sam’s Portland family, no one has lived full-time in the house since the second generation.  Plus, there haven’t been any Espy births in that house since Julia and R.H. Espy had their eighth child in 1889.
     Grandpa Tucker reports from Portland that Sam, now five days old, has already gained five ounces and “seems to really enjoy sleeping a lot.”  Here in Oysterville we are looking forward to the bright summer day when his big sister Amelia will bring him to meet us.  And, of course, to see the church across the street which is still her favorite place in town.  We can’t help wondering what part of Oysterville Samuel Hawkeye Wachsmuth will like best. From what we know of him thus far, he’s bound to surprise us no matter what!


  1. Jenny

    What a charming photograph of this new little guy. And his name…simply awesome!

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    How very, very cool, Sydney and a wonderful name to boot! I love it that your family has so much history in places. Mine is from all over.


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