Works in Progress at Our Place

Feb 21, 2021 | 0 comments

New Barn Doors for Woodshed Waiting for Final Painting

We have had our own little WPA (Works Progress Administration) happening here since the Sheltering began.  Nothing so grand as Timberline Lodge or Bonneville Dam or even the Ocean Park School.  (Yes, did you realize that we had several WPA projects right here on the Peninsula in the 1930s?)

Our projects are on a much smaller scale, but they’ve involved using stimulus money to jumpstart a few projects that we had been putting off.  For years.  Like a woodshed.  And a “patio area” outside our kitchen for tending to the potting and planting needs of herbs and salad greens (for instance.)  Some repair and spiffing up projects, too — a new roof for the toolshed and and a keep-out-of-the-mud area around the chicken coop.

Twenty-five Pavers Stacked at the Ready

To accomplish these outdoor projects we’ve had the help of our Garden Girls, our Painter Friend, our Jack-of-all-Trades Guy and, of course, the jump-start of the first stimulus monies.  It’s amazing what a lot of time and a little money can accomplish!  And that doesn’t even count what Nyel has been managing to patch and repair inside!  Or what good friends have helped with around the garden!  We’ve missed a lot this past year… but we’ve gained a great deal, too.  We are counting our blessings!


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