Words to live by?

Dec 13, 2016 | 2 comments

Virginia Williams Jones

As we watched the news last night and heard the latest remarks by the President-Elect concerning his daily security briefings – I get it when I need it. I’m a smart person. I don’t have to be told the same thing in the same words every single day for the next eight years. – my shirttail cousin, Virginia Williams Jones, popped into my head.

Virginia, or ‘Ginger’ as my branch of the family always called her, died in 2013.  She was 97 years old and had lived a remarkably full life.  She was a watercolor painter, pianist, bridge player and much more.  She had three children, four grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren and is remembered by all of us for her enthusiastic embrace of life and her contagious sense of humor.

Her daughter Kristina was with her in her final months.  Ginger had suffered several strokes and was paralyzed on one side.  Still, she conversed with visitors and, toward the end, watched with interest and remarked about the birds flying through the room.  There weren’t any, of course – or at least none that anyone other than Ginger could see.  Her last words to Kris were, “Well, this is going to be very interesting.”


It occurs to me that those are wonderful words to die by.  That they came to mind regarding our next four years under the Trump administration seems not quite so positive.  I’m not sure they are the best words to live by.  Isn’t “interesting” the choice of adjectives when you really can’t think of anything positive to say?  Like, “His paintings are interesting.”  Or “She’s an interesting looking woman.”

Come to think of it, maybe ‘interesting’ the very best spin we can put on the prospect of an unknown future – no matter what.  If only Ginger were here to add her two-bits worth!


  1. Bruce jones

    And she definitely would, “in no uncertain terms” as she would say.
    I love your writing, Sydney.

    • sydney

      Thanks, Bruce!


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