With a cluck and a promise!

Jun 20, 2020 | 2 comments

One of the New Girls

Two big beginnings happened at our house yesterday — a pair of Barred Rock hens has come to stay and there is a new cement wheelchair path curing out our kitchen door!  What a grand way to begin summer!

The Barred Rocks came from our neighbors down the road who generously answered my plea for a couple of hens to increase our puny flock of two — if you can really call two hens a “flock.”  They are beautiful, mellow additions and, for a while, are being isolated from Slutvana and Little Red Hen in the once-up0n-a-time “Broody Coop,”

Temporary Housing

The four can see each other but can’t yet co-mingle.  So far, Little Red seems curious but Slutvana is strutting around in Alpha Hen mode.  We’ve already had one counseling session on the subject of “Welcoming Newcomers.”  This may take a bit of time.

Meanwhile, the first part of Nyel’s Patio Plan went into production yesterday — if “production” is the right word, which I doubt.  The Plan is to convert the entire area behind the kitchen into a patio that Nyel can access with his walker and wheelchair.  It will give him additional independence (as in he won’t have to ask me to move the car from the garage so he can get outside that way).  It will also give him a space for some big pots for vegetables and herbs so he can seriously follow Maggie’s advice concerning gardening in containers.

At The Ready

Eugene, our landscaper/handiman and problem-solver extraordinaire worked like a Trojan yesterday on Part One — the walkway to get Nyel and wheelchair out to the garden and back.  Earlier in the week he had given us a list of required supplies and had met Oman’s delivery truck when it arrived later in the day.

Then he (and a cheerful lady companion) had schlepped 86 sixty-pound bags of cement through the garden gate, past the cannon, around the tool shed, across the new grass, along the  old but soon-to-be-removed  flagstone path, and onto the small existing cement apron off the long-unused living-room door.  Way too convoluted for a cement mixer to be of help.  It’s back-breaking, manual labor all the way.

What a grand way it was to end the Covid Spring!  We are definitely looking forward to a summer of new chicken escapades and patio adventures.  And, as if that weren’t enough, first thing this morning Cinderella, our new Roomba arrived.  We’re ready, summer!  Bring it on!


  1. Michele Frace

    Yay! All fun additions. I’ll tell Mortimor, our Roomba, that Cinderella is just across the river. We LOVE Mortimor. He’s very effective.

    • sydney

      Cinderella is being just a bit of a princess just now. Her on-the-job training is not going as smoothly as we would like. On the other hand, this palace is a bit daunting, even to those of us who have grown up with its nooks and crannies. We’ll have to compare notes!


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