Windy with a Chance of Tree Falls

Dec 30, 2017 | 1 comment

Arborist At Work in Oysterville

I don’t much like the wind.  It unsettles me and makes me feel anxious.  I worry about trees falling and branches flying and downed power lines.  If this was the 19th century instead of the 21st, I’d worry about sailing vessels and shipwrecks and imperiled sailors.  As it is, I think about anyone who has to be out in the storm and wish them safe travels.

Yesterday was the stormiest day of the two weeks Marta has been here.  Not all that bad by Oysterville standards – rainy, to be sure, with winds of 24 mph and gusting to 40 – but not overly scary.  Even so, we were glad that Arbor Care took a break from their work across the street and it seemed a great relief later in the afternoon when the wind died down.

Splashers in Oysterville

More and more, I find excuses not to go out on blustery days.  I’m turning into one of those old ladies who peers out the window and has only a limited view of the passing parade.  So, it is that I’ve noticed the Arbor Care trucks across the street for the last few days (until the wind revved up) and watched one of the climbers (was it Jon?) find his way up into the branches of the old deciduous tree in front of the W.D. Taylor House.  A fruit tree?   I don’t remember.

Rainy Day Project

Later, I spied Tucker and Carol’s granddaughters, Danielle and Gabi, romping and splashing with great delight in the ‘Church Pond’ across the street.  I tried to take some pictures but they didn’t come out satisfactorily and, anyway, there is no zoom possibility for capturing their exuberance and enthusiasm.  They seemed oblivious to the wet and the cold, and when I talked with Tucker later he cheerfully reported that they were ‘soaked’ and he was building them a fire so they could dry out.  (Not warm up, mind you.  But, then, kids have no built-in thermostats…)

Marta seemed content to stay indoors with me – sorting and polishing silver.  Industrious, companionable, safe from the wind.  Perfect!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I like stormy days and being snuggled inside. Our power stayed on although I heard a friend in Woodinville was in the dark. I was talking to beach born and bred Christopher Gray about clamming and how when we were kids we would to go barefoot to wade through the crab holes even in the winter. Ah, youth! My Ana likes polishing silver. I need to get her over!


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