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Feb 24, 2013 | 0 comments

Sydney's Column OnlineLast night I Googled myself just to see what is out there in cyberspace about me at the current time.  I hadn’t looked for quite a while and found several interesting things.  For starters, there are more Sydney Stevens folks than there were a year or so ago.

Several appear on Twitter – one whose ‘handle’ seems to be “syyddakid” which reminded me of our butcher in Alameda when I was a pre-schooler who always called me “Syd, Syd, the Chinese Kid” for reasons known only to himself.  All the Twitter and Tweet Sydney Stevenses are undoubtedly young enough to be my grandchildren, or maybe my greats.

The M.D. Sydney Stevens from Palm Desert is still listed, as is the singer (from Australia, I think) listed by CD Baby.  And there are pictures of many Sydney Stevenses –all female, all beautiful, and at least one who is only six or eight months old.

But mostly, there are sites listed about me!  Some of my blogs, some of my books, some of my articles from newspapers and magazines are listed.  Not all of any, though.  I can’t quite figure out if there is rhyme or reason to it, but it was great fun to take a look.

TNorthwest Opinionshe most interesting site that came up was listed as “by Sydney Stevens: Northwest Opinions” which sounded formidable, indeed.  It turned out to be a site reproducing all of my “elementary my dear…” columns for the Chinook Observer.  Well, not quite all.  There are nine of them posted going back to June 2012.  I think I began writing those once-a-month columns the previous February so there seem to be four missing.  Perhaps ‘they’ haven’t gotten back that far yet.

I’m actually not sure who is responsible for the postings on the site.  It appears that all the papers associated with the East Oregon Publishing Company are involved – the Observer, The Daily Astorian as well as six other small newspapers in the Northwest.  As the site name implies, its focus is on the opinions of readers and it solicits reader comments for each article posted.  I was disappointed to find that, so far, there are no comments listed at the end of my columns.  I would welcome the feedback – but perhaps no one else knows those articles are posted.

Once I ran across the site, I found it difficult to navigate.  I wanted to see if my fellow columnists – Cate Gable, Wayne Downing, Kathleen Sayce, Victoria Stoppielo, et al – were also represented on the site.  They are, but I couldn’t find a way to get to their articles without going back to Google search and typing in “by Cate Gable [for instance] Northwest Opinions.”

All of which just goes to reinforce my thought that you can find ANYthing on the net, but it helps a lot to know how to look.  For an hour or so of enterainment, start by Googling your name.  That’s my advice.


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