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Nov 9, 2011 | 0 comments

Tucker and the Shutter Project

     Oysterville Restoration Foundation President Tucker Wachsmuth has been in town a lot lately – more than he usually is at this time of year.  He’s been working on what will surely be remembered here in Oysterville as the “Church Shutter Project of 2011.”
     It’s been one of those projects that’s had to be tweaked ‘just a little’ at many points along the way.  When the final installation began on Monday, for instance, it was discovered that a few of the windows are three-quarters to a half an inch ‘off.’  Tucker, ever the perfectionist, has measured and sawed and repainted so that the shutters will be exactly right.  (Well, actually, I think Nyel is going to do that little bit of repainting between now and the time Tucker is back to complete the installation.)  And so it goes.
     As of yesterday, the new shutters are in place on the east side (the front) of the building.  They look fabulous!  In fact, they look so bright and shining-new that they are making the poor old church look a tad shabby – a constant reminder that the next big project will be to paint it.
     Not that the painting hasn’t been on the Restoration Foundation’s list of priorities.  It was scheduled to happen this past summer – in late August we had hoped, after the “wedding season” was mostly over.  (No self-respecting bride wants all that scaffolding in the background of her wedding pictures.)  But our painting contractor ran out of time and then out of weather.
     Meanwhile, the shutters give a sort of white-on-white look to the church.  For those who are minimalist enthusiasts, it might be reminiscent of the work of Kazimir Malevich or Robert Rauschenberg…  Well, that’s probably a stretch, but it’s a thought with which I console myself until the church can catch up to the shutters with a bright new coat of matching paint.


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