When We Were All Much Younger

May 26, 2016 | 0 comments

PosterIn the late 1970s when the village movers and shakers were drawing up the bylaws of the Oysterville Restoration Foundation, they determined that the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend would be the best day for holding their annual meeting.  It was the one weekend of the year that “most people would be in town.”  You could count on it!

There were few part-time home owners here then.  “Most people” really meant family members who lived elsewhere – grown sons and daughters who had grown up here and settled elsewhere.   And their children.  Perhaps even their grandchildren. Memorial Day, after all, was a generational holiday – a time of coming together to honor those who had gone before.

IMG_8719So, the ORF annual meetings were well attended.  Often they were followed by a picnic lunch where there was the lively chatter of catching up with old friends – schoolmates, perhaps, of long ago. Or the neighbors’ visiting relatives that only knew one another from summer vacations.  Or even from Memorial Day gatherings back in the years when we still called May 30th “Decoration Day.”

IMG_8714When the Oysterville Water company was formed in the 1990s they, too, chose that Memorial Day Saturday for their annual meetings. Ditto all the above except that our numbers now included people from the ridge (Douglas Drive) – neighbors but not property owners in the Historic District and, therefore, not members of ORF.  Traditionally, OW meets in the church at 9:00 and ORF at 10:00. The first meeting is usually fairly well attended but numbers dwindle after its adjournment.

In fact, ‘dwindle’ may be the operative word for the entire Annual Meeting on Memorial Day Saturday concept, at least for ORF.  There just aren’t as many generational families living here now – not as many ties to the cemetery or to the past and not as many reasons to come for this particular three-day weekend.  Certainly not for the ORF Annual Meetings.  Or so it has seemed in recent years.  Maybe this Saturday will be different. We can but hope!


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