When there are no words…

Mar 12, 2012 | 4 comments


      It was our Red House cousins, here for the weekend, who called early yesterday with the news.  A fishing boat lost off Leadbetter Point.  No sign of it or the four crew members, one of whom was twenty-two-year-old Luke Jensen.  The Coast Guard had called off the search.
      The conversation was short and the words quiet.  There seemed so little to say.  Luke was a cousin to my cousins – a “shirt-tail relative” of ours through the Williams family of Ilwaco.  We have watched from afar as he grew up.
      His dad’s architectural firm is housed above the Campiche Gallery where our Bookvendor used to be.  Sometimes on a Saturday morning we’d see Luke going to work with his dad – maybe for just a little while before they were off on a fishing trip.  Later, when Nyel began subbing at the middle school and high school, Luke would be in one of his classes or he would see Luke in the halls… with his friends… growing up.
      Occasionally, we would visit with Luke’s parents – at a party or a community gathering.  We would hear of his progress in school, in college, and beyond.  We kept connected in the ways that so many of us in this small area are connected – though friends and relatives… through conversations.
      But now there are no words… only thoughts and prayers and hugs and aching hearts.   


  1. Irene Pomerinke

    As the daughter of a commercial fisherman and mother of a Coast Guard helicopter crewman I know full well how this kind of loss can hurt all involved and my heart aches for all of you and my thoughts and prayers are with the familes and friends of these men.

  2. Pat Krager

    I remember Luke as a little boy in my multi-age primary class…his sister also…And his very involved, supportive, loving parents.
    You are correct…there are no words.

  3. Sarah Taylor

    Very sad for the family.

  4. Stephanie Frieze

    It reminds us how dangerous the ocean, and their job, is.


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