When the Red House Cousins come to town…

Aug 17, 2022 | 2 comments

From Lexie’s FB Page – (Thanks Lexie!)

I went visiting this afternoon — four houses north and two generations south.  It was a hubbub of activity at the Red House as it has always been my live-long life!  Those cousins of mine can pack more activities and fun into a short stay than any other ten families I know.

As I knocked at the open door and walked into the kitchen, Anna was mixing a serious looking cocktail that involved egg whites and pisco (a kind of brandy) and Angostura bitters — “pisco being about 95 proof” said her dad, Jim.    “Beeg and I met pisco in Lima Peru seventeen years ago,” he told me.  “We brought the bottle back with us and last night was the first time it has been opened.”  Pisco Sours — one for me, one for Jim — we being the Honorable Elders of this particular family gathering.

Although, “gathering” doesn’t quite categorize what usually happens at the Red House!  More of a meet, greet, and off to fly a kite or take a swim or, in the case of Anna’s husband, Rob — to paint another section of the house with a fresh coat of red.  (Or at least that’s where I think he disappeared to!)

I caught glimpses of all five of the “youngers” — Lexie’s boys, Kahrs, Anders and Bo and Anna and Rob’s two, Anwyn and Walker.  But not all at the same time and not all doing the same thing.  Kahrs, flat on his back in the lane managing the kite flying overhead.  Anwyn in the kitchen, in the back yard, down the lane, in the tall grass.  Bigger kids so far out in the bay it was hard to tell who was who.  No one still.  Everyone having fun.

Red House Cousins!  Wow!  And that wasn’t all of them by any means — only the ones here and now.  YAY!


  1. Jeanene Williams

    Mike and I loved seeing cars at the Red House when we went to mow the yard! It usually turned out to be the girls, Abbie, Lexie or Anna with all of the little ones. We had to take a timeout to visit and catch up on all the happenings of the family! The Red House was always a buzz of activity when the gang was there! Miss seeing them!

  2. Kristina Jones

    We lucky cousins spent all our childhood summers in on the peninsula and our favorite was always with our mother, Virginia Williams Jones and our aunt, Barbara Espy Williams. We lucky 6 cousins (including Mike, although he lived in Ilwaco and was technically Mom’s cousin) spent happy hours and years together. We were Lex, David, and BeeGee from the Bronk and Barbara family and myself, Bruce, and Kathy from the Keith and Virginia Jones family. Together we roamed the area; clamming daily, cleaning clams, taking clams to the cannery in Seaview; berry picking for cobblers; swimming in the bay and ocean; trekking around barefooted, in our shorts and tee shirts, having wonderful story times, singing, plays, and gamboling about. I am glad for BeeGee and Jim’s girls that they have the fun of the red house now! It is beautiful to see Oysterville Life going on in the approved fashion…isn’t it, Sydney? Love to All, KK


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