When “best laid schemes… gang aft a-gley”

Dec 22, 2017 | 0 comments

New and Shiny Bright

Finally!  The new stove we had ordered on October 3rd arrived.  Day before yesterday.  The delivery men unhooked our old-and-ailing dual-fuel Jenn-Air and hauled it away.  The new, all gas, Samsung was left in the middle of our fairly small kitchen awaiting hookup.  We can sidle around it to the microwave sitting on the north counter and to the electric burner (resurrected from the back forty for temporary use) on the south counter.  There is even space to open and load the dishwasher.  Barely.

Not to worry, we thought.  We called the propane people to have them hook up the beautiful new stove.  “We are fully booked until after the holidays.  Sorry.”  Begin to worry said the small voice in my head.  Nyel called the only repair people “in our area” (Longview) who will handle Samsung. According to their Installation Department, we need to send $300 and, once they get it, they will be able to tell us their schedule.  Ramp up the worry said the voice, and add a dollop of anger – as in, is that even ethical?  Or legal?

Mysterious Stove Parts

Nyel called our handy dandy plumber who was full of sympathy and said that even though he is maxed – “It’s our busiest time of the year…” he’ll try to come by and take a look.  That was day before yesterday and, though we still hope to see the whites of his eyes, the task seems more daunting than any sane person would tackle.  Meanwhile, preparing meals is tricky-but-totally do-able.  On the other hand, yesterday Jack’s called and said that our 23-pound fresh turkey had arrived…  Worry has ramped into looking at options.

There are many.  Who’d a thunk it?  First and foremost, one of our nearby-on-Sandridge-Road-neighbors had already offered her kitchen so Marta could do some baking.  I haven’t asked yet (as in Hope Springs Eternal) but I imagine we could use her oven to roast the turkey.  We can handle everything else here – the garlic mashed potatoes, the sweet potatoes, the vegetables etc. – thanks to our new-found sidling expertise.

Gas and Electricity and Pipes and Wires — Oh My!

Or – we have a fine Weber barbecue and there are many online instructions of how to use it for roasting a turkey.  Once, when the power was out and we had a House Concert (which involved a potluck) scheduled, we cooked a lasagna in that Weber and it turned out perfectly.  The Weber Option is definitely under consideration.  (And whatever happened to that old electric roaster of Mom’s?  Maybe it’s still somewhere nearby and operable…)

Of course, the optimists among us feel that it’s early days yet.  After all, it’s only the 22nd and our Christmas dinner is three full days away.  All sorts of miracles can happen in the meantime.  Right?  On the other hand, I feel fully within my rights to worry some more.  Just a tad.  Ho!  Ho!  Ho!


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