What’re the odds?

May 10, 2021 | 0 comments

1969 Volkswagen Bug

It’s early evening or late afternoon — take your pick.  Five p.m.  I think I’ll just call it “the cocktail hour.”  We’ve just returned from Longview where we spent a long, boring three-and-a-half hours at Bud Cleary’s Subaru Dealership having the air conditioner assembly replaced in our 2017 Forrester.  In simpler terms:  another frickin’ recall.  The second one in our less than four years of Subaru ownership.  What’re the odds.?

2002 PT Cruiser

To amuse ourselves on the way home, Nyel compiled a list of cars that each of us has owned since we became driving age (which adds up to 132 years between the two of us.)   Twenty-three makes in all including:  MG-TC, Mercury, Plymouth, Austin Healey Sprite, Nash Rambler, VW Bug, Kaiser, Chevrolet, MG-A, Porsche, Ford Mustang, Toyota, GMC Pickup, Chrysler LeBaron, BMW, PT Cruiser ,Prius C, Ford Pickup, Dodge Pickup.    Among those makes, we had 4 (at least) VW bugs.  Not a single recall among any of those vehicles — not until the Subaru Forrester.  I repeat… what’re the odds?

2017 Subaru Forester

Nyel says it’s because of all the bells and whistles these days.  Too many things to go wrong.  I say lack of pride/care/smarts in workmanship from the design concept forward.  I’d go back to a Bug in nothing flat if they were still being made…


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