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Feb 2, 2016 | 1 comment



It’s not the damned in-your-face advertisements that I resent. Not exactly. It’s that they clot up my life without any aye, yes, or no from me. Suddenly, the commercial segments of television are longer than the program pieces and my FaceBook page is feeling like one commodity offering after another. Even “friends” who have businesses have found ways to inundate their personal entries with product news. I hate it.

I also hate it that before I can delete those ads on FaceBook I am offered stupid choices like: “Hide ad,” “I already own this,” “Why am I seeing this?” and “This ad is useful” – and other inanities that presume that it’s just this ad that annoys me. Wrong! They all annoy me. They seem to believe that I need in-my-face, hard-sell reminders about what to buy. I truly resent that.

I don’t claim to be overly intelligent but I do know how to find out about products I think I might need. And, I’m quite sure I can figure out where to get those products when necessary. So where is the “Don’t show me any advertising ever again” button? In my opinion, being bombarded with advertisements should be a choice, not a given.



On the plus side, thank goodness for the ‘record’ possibility with our new TV. We can now record, replay and fast forward right on through the commercials. Not perfect, but it beats the old method of muting the sound and waiting impatiently. And, thank goodness I can hang up the phone on the telemarketers. And while I’m at it, thank goodness there aren’t door-to-door salesmen ringing our bell any more. Once upon a time the Fuller Brush Man used to find his way to Oysterville but maybe that’s one sales method that has succumbed to more modern ways of intrusion. Or maybe we are too far out in the boonies to make the trip worthwhile.

I wonder if anyone has ever done a study on how much business is lost because people like me refuse to be swayed by all those relentless hard-sell techniques. Not only refuse to be swayed, but actually avoid the products and brands that are so relentlessly intrusive. No doubt I’m in the minority as usual…

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  1. Bruce Jones

    I loved the Marlboro ads Sydney, so I went out and got a pack and boy were they swell. And they went just fine with the six pack of Cokes I got at the same convenience store — how CONVENIENT! I think I will change my New Years resolution to “smoke a pack and drink a six pack” every day in 2016. It feels so good. Thanks so much for the recommendation.


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