Well, this time it was probably Mrs. Crouch!

Aug 5, 2023 | 1 comment

Albert’s Picture

I was just dropping off to sleep last night when there was a horrific thump, thump, thump just outside my bedroom doorway.  It took a minute or two but my curiosity overcame that scary feeling so I (bravely) went into the hallway.

My first instinct was to look out the east door — I had the inane thought that a fawn had tripped over our porch steps and might be lying on the porch.  One part of my mind dismissed that out-of-hand but…I turned on the porch light and looked anyway.

At that point, I glanced at the stairway and there was baby Albert sprawled on the last few steps — nothing broken, thankfully, due to the carpet and the way he must have fallen.  Lest you worry further, this was a picture of Albert — one of the many family portraits hanging on the stairwell wall.  It’s one of those old-fashioned composites with numerous pictures of Albert as an infant and toddler.  The little eye-fastener holding the picture wire had given way…

Albert’s Toy Fire Engine

His full name was Harry Albert Espy after his father (my grandfather), born in August 1900 and died in January 1905 “of an undiagnosed digestive ailment, perhaps cancer.”  He was my maternal grandparents’ second child, the first boy, and was said to be precocious beyond his years.  During his final days at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Portland, he and my grandmother were watching some boys playing in the snow outside his window.  “Maybe you’ll be able to play in the snow with the children next winter,” said my grandmother.  “Will they have snow in heaven?” was four-and-a-half-year-old Albert’s response.

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  1. Cuzzin Sydney

    I just wonder if Mrs. Couch might have been in cahoots with Albert to remind someone of the affront that your book editor made several years ago: that editor would not believe that the toy was a “self-propelling steam fire engine.” Recall I set the record straight with just a few minutes of Googling. On the other hand, why did Mrs. Crouch not recall my good deed about the fire engine before her prank of throwing my contact lens solution in the toilet last Xmas time!!!

    P.S. Heartily agree with Cousin Bob Gwinn’s comments about Nyel! Couldn’t have said better myself.


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