Week Nine Begins

May 4, 2020 | 0 comments

In our household, the sheltering for the Coronavirus Pandemic began March 9 which means that today begins Week Nine of spending twenty-four-seven (as they say) within the confines of our house and garden.  We’ve endured without benefit of visitors except one over-the gate chat with Cate and two or three out-in-the-street visits with neighbors.

We’ve exited the premises three times for groceries and I have gone once for a prescription pick-up and two or three times a week to the post office to get our mail.  So far, we have no complaints.  Between Facebook and and the telephone we manage to keep up with friends and family — in some cases more regularly than B.S. (Before Sheltering).

We assess how it’s going periodically — usually when there is any “news” as to expected duration of the shelter-in-place orders or projections as to when a vaccine will be forthcoming.  Last night, over a dinner of roast chicken, mashed potatoes, and steamed spinach, we concluded that even if the sheltering orders are relaxed, we’d rather continue as we are until that vaccine becomes available — the caveat being that all such decisions are subject to change

Meanwhile, we are hoping for a summer full of sunshine with many opportunities for M&DGs (Masked and Distanced Gatherings)  in our garden– bring your own refreshments, bask in the companionship, tell stories, make music.  Right now that’s all sounding pretty darned good!


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