Wearing His Other Hat

Apr 13, 2012 | 1 comment

Fine Tuning

     Pianist Ron Thompson was in Oysterville yesterday dressed in casual clothes rather than a tux as he was at our House Concert last month.  On this trip, he spent his morning and mid-day with not one but two pianos, and he was wearing a different hat.  Well, the hat part was figurative, not literal.
     Ron-the-concert-pianist was here doing his day job as Ron-the-piano-tuner.  He worked on our piano and on the one at the church which is now all ready for the summer vesper season.  He said that he’ll be tuning pianos in the area for the next few days.
     That news certainly didn’t come as a surprise.  When the word spread at the House Concert that this magnificent performer made his living by tuning pianos, the line formed up immediately.  Pianos in need seemed to be coming out of the woodwork.   And there have been telephone calls and emails among us piano owners ever since.
     Piano tuners are hard to come by here on the peninsula.  In order to get ready for vespers each year, we’ve had to “import” someone from Chehalis or Olympia.  And, even when we’ve thought that we could skip a year with our own piano, we scheduled it in to make it worth the tuner’s while.  It’s not that Ron lives all that close by.  He has to come from Vancouver.  But his folks live in Astoria, so that helps.  And three or four days’ work in one area must be a plus, as well.
     As far as we’re concerned, there’s nothing like the confidence that comes when you are having your piano tuned by a fine pianist – especially, as in our case, if he might be playing that very instrument  before it’s tuning time again!  (In the works:  a gig with Ron and Brooke Flood doing some Sinatra and some show tunes.  Maybe next January.)  Stay tuned…

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I know we would certainly be interested in a Sinatra evening!

    Piano tuners are probably a dying breed. Back before radio and then television, much less computers, more homes had pianos and a family member or two who played to entertain family and friends. It adds something lovely to any gathering and my mother has requested that my brother-in-law bring his keyboard to her 90th birthday. His skills have frequently made Christmas gatherings perfect.


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