Was it a honeymoon? Is it over?

Apr 25, 2020 | 1 comment

Well, whatever it was (and I don’t believe “honeymoon” is the correct appellation) there are strong indicators that it’s over.  I’m talking here about our initial dealings with one another as we accepted sheltering and distancing and masking and disinfecting as part of daily life.  The newspaper and social media were full of the kindnesses and outpourings among us here in Pacific County.

At first no one said much about the people that were not complying with the Governor’s directives.  Granted, they were probably the minority.  Surely, they’d step up as time went by, we said.  (Whenever I begin a statement with “Surely, ” my husband is certain to say, “Don’t call me Shirley.”  Which always puts me in better touch with reality.)

A letter went out to all the owners of second homes here (49% here on the Peninsula; 63% here in Oysterville) asking them to please, stay away for now.  (They haven’t — not here, anyway).  Then our one of our county commissioners was quoted in a Seattle paper, “If you live in Seattle, stay in Seattle.  If you live in Portland, stay in Portland.” The edges began to unravel…

As one could predict, the movers and shakers  in the hospitality industry spoke out, worried about getting back to “normal” if we alienate the tourists now.  Long time visitors spoke out resentfully feeling that the dollars they’ve spent here over the years entitles them to come when they want.  Part-time residents quietly just kept coming. And going.  And coming back… perhaps feeling safer here and letting it be known that they were bringing nothing other than their own food.

Even when it’s an unhappy ending to an actual honeymoon, most things get worked out… at least for a while.  But it usually requires willingness and some conscious effort. I hope that we full-time residents can maintain our equilibrium and support one another with kindness and understanding as we make our way through this.  It will make it a lot easier as we decide what the “new normal” will involve.  Meanwhile, stay well, stay safe, stay home.

Father Tom William’s quintessential words of wisdom come to mind: “It’s the least we can do; it’s the most we can do; it’s all we can do.”

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  1. Mary Louise Lyons

    Just fyi, Sydney, I love your blog. My distance from and love of your Peninsula is all contained in your writings. I follow another “beach” page and between the two sites I’ve really enriched my perspective of your home. Keep writing. You’re helping our future.


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