Warming My Cockles

Jan 16, 2012 | 2 comments

Double Issue, Double Fun

     Fairly frequently these days, far-away friends mention in phone calls or emails that they “keep up” with Oysterville through my daily blogs.  I never cease to be amazed – and gratified! – by that.
     It’s not that I don’t hope that I’ll have regular readers because, of course, that is part of the point of blogging.  And, I know from the statistics I’m given from the blog gurus that my ‘hits per day’ continue to increase.  It’s just that there’s not any way of really knowing who those readers are unless they happen to mention it or contact me about something in particular that I’ve written.
     Yesterday I received a number of messages from readers of recent posts and not-so-recent posts.  Among them were two messages from people I’ve never met and, in both cases, the messages regarded actions these folks are taking due to something I’ve written.  I am always SO pleased when that happens – especially if I consider the actions positive.  (Fortunately, probably, people don’t often contact me about other types of responses.)
     In one case, the message was from a man who was concerned about the County’s treatment of Dan Driscoll at Oysterville Sea Farms.  He had contacted me previously with what I thought were some great ideas and I suggested he contact the County, directly.  That was some time ago and I had sort of forgotten about it.  Then yesterday he wrote just to say he had sent the County a letter.  Hooray!
      The second contact was from a woman who, come to think of it, may have not read my blog but it was indirectly through something I had written that she got in touch.  She had seen a copy of the Columbia River Heritage Museum’s newsletter, Tidings.  It was the issue in which they had talked about their recent exhibit on Peninsula Summer Camps and had given me (totally undue) credit as “guest curator.”
       Some of that exhibit was based on a Summer2008/Fall2009 issue of the Sou’wester magazine put out by the Pacific County Historical Society.      That issue was devoted to “The Willapa Camps” – Camp Willapa and Camp Sherwood Forest – which operated here on the peninsula from 1919 until 1995.  Again, I was a “guest” – a Guest Editor that time, which means I wrote the issue.
     The woman who had seen my name in Tidings wanted information about the years that she lived here at the beach and attended Camp Sherwood Forest.  I was able to give her the contact information for Friends of Sherwood Forest.  I hope she follows through and I hope they respond.  (She also asked to be my facebook friend!  I liked that alot!)
            I love being part of these ever-widening circles of contacts and new friends and information exchanged and acted upon!  I love it that people actually read and think about what I write.  I love it that my readers get in touch with me.  It all warms the cockles of my heart – which was a pretty nice thing to have happen on a snowy day like yesterday!


  1. Stephanie Frieze

    I never cease to marvel at this information age we live in. Mostly I enjoy getting to “visit” Oysterville whenever I like!

  2. Kitt

    I look forward each day to reading your Oysterville Blog. Your writing is so engaging and brings such a variety of topics to think about. You are sunshine on a snowy day!


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