Wanted: Pied Piper of the Hamelin Variety

Jul 13, 2019 | 0 comments

Pied Piper of Hamelin

Anyone who has had a long association with Oysterville knows that Tucker Wachsmuth is considered the Pied Piper of the village.  For thirty, or maybe forty-plus, years he has led  generations of children on scavenger hunts, whiffle ball tournaments, razor clam digs and midnight swims in the bay.  The kids and, now, their kids love him.

But it’s not the Pied Piper of Oysterville who has come to mind these last few days — not to my mind, anyway.  It is the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  You know the one — the man with the magical flute who rid the town of their rat problem and, when the mayor refused to pay him the agreed upon amount, tootled his magical tunes to lure the children from the village.  ‘Nary rat nor child left.

Rodent — Mouse or Rat?

Well, Oysterville is already bereft of children.  We occasionally have the visiting grandchild or two, but resident children have been few and far between for a generation or more.  But… we might have rats!!  Yes!  Rats!

Not long ago I blogged about the mouse problem we are having here at our house.  After advice from the professionals and some help from our friend Charlie Talbott, I actually caught two HUGE mice — both in the laundry room/pantry and both HUGE!  When I showed them to Charlie T. he said, “I think those are rats, not mice.”

Nyel has pooh-poohed that idea.  “No, they must be mice,” he said.  “Why would we have rats?”

Remy – in our house?

Why indeed?  And I’m pretty sure we have one more.  I saw him three times on Thursday.  He was out in the room between the laundry room and the garage, in the space we euphemistically call the “work room.”  He did, indeed, look like a rat.  He was size XXX Large and had a belly on him you wouldn’t believe.  I immediately thought of Remy — you know the star of the film “Ratatouille” who had the gourmet sensibilities.

So far, despite traps and glue pads, the rodent has eluded me.  Maybe tomorrow.  Or maybe someone with a magical flute will show up to lure this fellow out of my house!  Eeeuuueee!


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