Walnut Bread and Blueberry Jam

Feb 2, 2017 | 0 comments

Presents on the Picnic Table

The wind was barely starting up when I saw Bertel Smith at the Singer-Songwriter Concert Tuesday night.  In fact, I hadn’t yet given the wind a thought.  And when Bertel said, “I want to bring you a loaf of walnut bread.  And how about some blueberry jam?” I can tell you definitively, wind was the last thing on my mind.  Bertel’s cooking is legendary.

By yesterday morning, though, our house was in two temperature zones.  That’s what happens when the cold east wind blows relentlessly across the bay, across the salt marsh, across meadow and garden and straight into our house.  Our heat pump struggles mightily, but it just can’t keep up. The east rooms with their eleven-foot ceilings require maximum bundling – jeans and a sweater, a down vest, and a full length velour bathrobe (red).  I know the color of the robe should be immaterial but, honestly, red seems warmer.

Homemade Jam and Bread

Moving west, though, into the living room and dining room, the temperature rises appreciably.  By as much as ten degrees!  The ceilings in that part of the house are only eight feet high and that seems to do the trick.  The longer the wind blows, though, the harder the heat pump works, and the greater the encroachment of cold air into the western hemisphere (Housisphere?  Roomisphere?)  I really do hate that east wind.

By yesterday afternoon Nyel and I were both in bed, huddled fully clothed under our down comforter. Let the wicked winds blow! Naptime!  So it was that we didn’t hear the doorbell if, indeed, it rang.  But just before dinner something occasioned me looking outside and there on the picnic table were a couple of home-wrapped packages!  Inviting looking.  Worth opening the door for half a minute to grab, return, and slam.

Breakfast Treat!

We had chunks of walnut bread for dessert last night.  With blueberry jam.  This morning it was toasted walnut bread with gobs of melting butter.  And blueberry jam.  I haven’t thought about the wind at all.  Who would?  I hear it blowing between bites but who cares?  Thank you, Bertel!  Yours is the best wind cure ever!!


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