Vespers As Seen from the Passenger’s Seat

May 17, 2016 | 2 comments

Beginning June 19th

Beginning June 19th

Today, Carol Wachsmuth is delivering the Oysterville Music Vespers bulletins to the local ministers who will conduct the 2016 services at the village church – the last step in the long (and sometimes frustrating) process of scheduling the popular summer series begun in 1978 by my folks.  I will be riding shotgun – not really an apropos metaphor in this case, just descriptive of my position in Carol’s car.

For the first time in twenty years, I’ve had no responsibilities at all in terms of scheduling vespers.  None.  I’ve been in the glorious position of “support” which in reality has been just to clap and cheer for Carol as she has jumped into the position of ‘Vesper Coordinator.’

Scheduling and coordinating the volunteer ministers, musicians, organists, to say nothing of the summer Sunday preparations – the sweeping, the flower arranging, the distribution of hymnals – is a January – September job.  It takes patience and persistence and a positive attitude – all of which Carol has in great measure.   From my vantage point (across the street and around the corner) she has accomplished her tasks seamlessly.

Carol Wachsmuth

Carol Wachsmuth

The summer Music Vespers series is the main fund-raiser by the Oysterville Restoration Foundation (ORF) in support of the historic Oysterville Church.  Traditionally, the musical services begin on Father’s Day and continue through Labor Day Sunday.  The money collected during each of the twelve summer programs provides the majority of the financing required to maintain the church throughout the year.  Plus, the services help to fulfill the guidelines for ORF’s stewardship of the erstwhile Baptist Church – that the building continue to be used for ‘church purposes’ and that they be ecumenical in nature.

I’ve had a peek at the upcoming summer’s offerings.  Fabulous!  How lucky our community is that Carol and Tucker moved here full-time just when they did and that Carol has volunteered to take on this big responsibility.  Vespers is in great hands and I’m so glad to just go along for the ride!


  1. Marion Freshley

    Carol will do a wonderful job as vespers coordinator. She is so responsible and does everything in such a smooth and sophisticated way. She and Tucker are certainly welcome and wonderful full time residents of Oysterville.

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    Bravo for all involved. Thank you for your many years of service, Sydney and thank you to Carol for taking over this important job. I look forward to making at least some of the Vespers this season.


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