Vaccination Report from The Old and Infirm

Jan 23, 2021 | 0 comments

Two arms from our household received their first doses of the Moderna vaccine yesterday in South Bend.  Neither of the arms is complaining and so far, neither of their attached people feels tired, vomitty, or in any way out of the ordinary.  WOOT!  WOOT!

We were extremely pleased to see that the Point of Delivery behind South Bend’s Fire Hall was beautifully organized with nurses and other volunteers ready to explain the procedure, handle the paper work, get the vaccine into arms, observe us during a fifteen-minute recovery period, and give us instructions for next steps.  A smooth operation from start to finish.  Highest of marks for the Pacific County Health Department!

On the other hand, Nyel and I spent a good deal of our homeward journey speculating about the total mess the scheduling has been.  Why was the scheduling so hard and the vaccine delivery process so easy?  Last night, in response to my spasmodic weekly report to our usual Friday Nighters, we heard the scheduling frustrations, as well as the “success stories,” of some of our friends.  It seems incredible, since we’ve known for months now that eventually the vaccine would be “ready,” that the scheduling could be such a mess.  Especially when contrasted to the actual delivery process!  Obviously our Health Department is up to the second task.  What happened in getting ready for it?

I hope that when all is said and done we’ll find out the whys.  Could “they” not have used census records to list every Pacific County resident by age and access us that way?  Or by address?  Or by both?  Surely with all the computer possibilities there could have been a way to sort contact information and get in touch with the residents of our small county?  But maybe not.

Meanwhile, we’ve been told that our county is out of vaccine for this go-round.  Does that mean that they’ve put aside the second doses for which  some of us have been scheduled?  Unclear.  Does it help to know that other areas are having just as much trouble as we are?  Not really.  We’re all in this together and the only way out is all of us together, as well.  We are holding positive thoughts.


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