…Until Further Notice…

Jul 18, 2020 | 0 comments

Closed Until Further Notice

Yesterday the “Church Open” sign came down and a “Closed Until Further Notice” sign went up at the Historic Oysterville Church.  Partly, the change was made because of Governor Inslee’s new directive, effective Monday, that gatherings should be limited to ten people and partly because, despite the previous sign on the door requesting that visitors wear masks and maintain social distancing, few if any were doing so.

Neighbors Tucker and Carol – Photo by Peter Janke

In fact, on any given day this summer, the visitors entering and leaving the church far outnumber “Downtown Oysterville’s” total population and, sadly, very few are masked.  Typically, the only masks we see here on an average day are worn by residents.  Too, we were informed a few days ago by a tour director that she had taken a group of ten into the church — all on her own without any official sanction from the Oysterville Restoration Foundation.  Unfortunately, without someone at the door 24/7 to monitor who and how folks enter, there is no way to insure even a modicum of safety for anyone.  Sad but true.

Sign Of The Times

I’m pretty sure the visitors will still come.  Even when the church is open, many people stop only long enough to take a picture and don’t take time to go inside.  And, by far the greatest number of tourists walk the lanes and roads enjoying the vistas and the quiet ambiance of the village.  “Being able to go inside the church is extra icing on the cake” a woman once told me.  For those of us who think icing is the best part, it’s now once more thing to look forward to at the end of this long, difficult siege.



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