Turning a corner in Oysterville?

Oct 27, 2011 | 3 comments

Wednesday Lunch Stop

     Yesterday, Oysterville’s Boil Water Advisory was lifted by the State Department of Health and two representatives of Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler’s office toured the Oysterville postal district – all in one unrelated swoop, so to speak.  Things might be looking up in Oysterville.  At least we hope so.
     It was our neighbor Jim Kepner who arranged for District Director Ryan Hart and Field Representative Pam Peiper from the Third Congressional District Office in Vancouver to come and listen to the plight of our potential post office closure.  I was asked to join them to talk about the history end of things.  I was impressed by both Ryan and Pam.  They were young and energetic, well informed, and had each been to Oysterville several times and fairly recently.  They were aware of and concerned about the plight of both our post office and of Oysterville Sea Farms.
     We spent several hours together, going over the flawed investigative report, talking about Monday night’s meeting with David Boos and, of course, visiting the Post Office and both our Postmasters – regular and temporary.  We drove out to Leadbetter Point, toured Surfside, and drove by the Ocean Park Post Office to give them an idea of the time and distances involved in a potential change of mail venue.
     We stopped for a late lunch at the Full Circle (delicious as always!) and returned to Oysterville via the Nahcotta Post Office and Douglas Drive, pointing out the byways and driveways of postal patrons along the way.  And, all the while, we spoke of ways we thought Congress might improve the failing postal system.  They promised to deliver our suggestions and concerns to Congresswoman Beutler.
     Once again, I felt a modicum of hope.  I’m currently working on my patience quotient.


  1. Jim Courtnier

    Thanks for the info, and thanks also to Jim Kepner for getting Herrera’s people out here to look the situation over. I think that this wouldn’t have happened if Greater Oysterville had not has such a successful meeting at the Church. I hope that you’re right about having hope that this will be settled in our best interests.

    • sydney

      Actually, the meeting with “Herrera’s people” was set up before our Monday evening meeting at the church. However, the timing turned out to be very good, indeed, as we could convey everyone’s comments — especially those that had to do with USPS funding and the role Congress could play in alleviating some of their financial woes. It helped, too, to be able to tell them that David Boos urged us to talk to our Congressmen on these issues. I think the more contacts we can make (emails, phone calls, letters) in upcoming weeks, the better it could be for us.

  2. Stephanie Frieze

    My fingers are crossed for Oysterville, Sydney. I think hamstringing the postal service is a big mistake in the first place and certainly a great loss of character and service for places like Oysterville and Nahcotta.


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