Traveling with Nan and Jack

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Nan and Sydbey on the road

Nan and Sydney on the Road

Nancy Stone has been my friend since we were eighth classmates at E Street Grammar School in San Rafael, California.  We went to the same high school, began our families around the same time period and through marriages and moves and many years have managed to keep in touch.  We see each other once or twice most years and, although that involves some traveling (since Nan still lives in California and I am two states away) we have never actually traveled together.  Until now.

Traveling with another couple, or even with another person, can be tricky, especially for senior citizens.  We get set in our ways.  That fact is compounded if you and your partner/spouse/companion-of-years-and-years have done a lot of traveling together.  We have our little travel routines.  He eats breakfast, taking advantage of those motel buffets; I don’t. On routes that we travel frequently, we have Rest Stop preferences.  There are restaurants along the way that we like and those that we don’t.  Etcetera.

In the Back Seat

In the Back Seat

Add another couple to the mix – especially one who is experienced in their own, personal brand of travel – and you could be in for a rough trip.  But, not so with Nan and Jack.  They were the perfect traveling companions.  Really.

We were together from a Thursday night through a Monday morning, spent many hours on the road in our little Prius-C, ate meals in a variety of venues, had a scary ‘almost’ accident on the freeway, met up with friends and family (ours), and were on the go from early to late.  The motel in Burbank was one we liked from previous trips and if Nan and Jack were in disagreement with our choice, they didn’t say so.

Roadside Attraction

Roadside Attraction

There was ‘nary a cross word among us – even when things didn’t go well, as in the only restaurant in the area was closed and we had to make do with cold quiche (which probably would have been iffy even if their oven had been working) in a small back-to-the-seventies sort of roadside attraction.  In fact, Nan (in her usual friendly and outgoing way) delighted in the baby that the apparent owner carried on her hip and Jack found some new energy bars that he is going to look for at home.   We never lacked for conversation and even took in some unexpected sights when Jack gave us a tour of places he had lived and worked ‘back in the day.’


Til Next Time!

It was a grand trip.  It all made me wonder if maybe we could actually manage on one of those group tours with lots of other people.   Or not…  But we are looking forward to a ‘next time’ with Nan and Jack which isn’t always true after any trip, with or without traveling companions!  Thanks, Nan and Jack, for making it all a pleasurable experience and we hope that it was good for you, too (as they say!) Whoo!  Hoo!


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