Totally Bassackward in Oysterville!

Aug 20, 2018 | 2 comments

  • Larger-than-Life Us by Vicki

    Number One – you don’t expect to be given a gift at a church service. Not even at the Sunday afternoon Music Vesper Service in  Oysterville.

  • Number Two – it isn’t usual, at least in my experience, for the person leaving the area to be giving a going-away gift to someone who’s staying.

But leave it to Vicki and Fred Carter to turn those unspoken protocols upside down!  Not really a surprise when you think about it.  If you read the Observer and saw Patty Hardin’s article about them on page B1 of last week’s paper, you know what I mean.  Vicki and Fred dance to a drummer all of their own and are just about to boogie on out of our lives with their four dogs, three cats, and most of their worldly possession.

They are headed for unknown adventures in a southerly direction – for now.  Tomorrow is the day they roll off the Peninsula in their fifth-wheeler for parts unknown (more-or-less.)  They actually have their first few destinations specifically arranged and it sounds as if they’ll be a step or two ahead planning-wise as they proceed.  They even have a job lined up that they can do along the way!  Something related to selling ad space on campsite maps.  It sounds as though Vicki will be the sales rep while Fred plays golf!

Vicki and Fred

Vicki, a once-upon-a-time art major, is taking along all her painting gear and singer-songwriter Fred will have his guitars aboard.  They’ll be busy when they are not on the move – and that doesn’t even factor in their desire to see everything everyplace has to offer – festivals, concerts, museums, monuments.  And to sample the regional foods.  And to meet their traveling neighbors.  And to book some musical gigs (Fred) and to do a travel blog (Vicki.)  Not only do they want to do it all – knowing Fred and Vicki, they will be successful.

So, I was totally flummoxed yesterday when Fred handed me a beautifully framed photograph of Nyel and me – a larger-than-life head(s)-shot that Vicki had taken at the recent CPHM reception for Eric Wiegardt and David Campiche.  Backwards!!  It was us who should have been giving them a going-away gift!  I console myself that they wouldn’t have had room for a single anything in their traveling household.  Also… they promise to be back.

I’m trying to think of an appropriate Coming Home present but, even so, I’m hoping against hope that I don’t have too long a time to do the planning.  Hurry back, Fred and Vicki.  We are already missing you and you haven’t even left yet!


  1. Nancy & Roger

    You guys are looking good !

    • sydney

      It’s all smoke and mirrors!


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