Tomatoes: The New Zucchini

Sep 26, 2014 | 1 comment


Six Tomatoes and A Pepper

Six Tomatoes and A Pepper

When Nyel talked to Florence Shawa yesterday about getting a transfer board (which we are told will help us maneuver him from bed to wheelchair) she said she had been out picking tomatoes. About an apple box full!

We have heard a lot of tomato stories lately. Plus, almost everyone who comes with a food delivery (bless them!) also brings tomatoes. We’ve been given huge tomatoes, normal-sized tomatoes and cherry tomatoes. We’ve eaten them in salads, sliced as a side dish, and (in the case of the cherry tomatoes) by the handful. I even made a tomato pie. All of them in every form have been delicious!

Waiting for Nyel

Waiting for Nyel

I remarked to one of the tomato-grower-donors, Sandy Stonebreaker, that it seemed like tomatoes are the new zucchini. Everyone has too many to eat and is eager to give them to everyone else. (Remember when we locked our cars even when we nipped into the post office. Otherwise, there’d be a box of zucchini on the seat when you came out.) Sandy said her zucchinis this year were a bust – not like usually. We concluded it must be the weather…

And about that transfer board. We think it’s being delivered this afternoon. It is coming from the Kiwanis storage area. If you are ever in need of a wheelchair or a walker or any number of other things which come under the general category “hospital equipment” the Kiwanis Club is where to start. They loan out equipment for as long as you need it at no charge. They are a Godsend for sure

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  1. Sheri Stritof

    I will add my feeling of thankfulness for the help that the Kiwanis Club gave me last fall with their “hospital equipment” loan program. On another note, your new book arrived yesterday. I look forward to reading it!


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