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May 22, 2016 | 1 comment

Kris Jones, Teacher

Kris Jones, Teacher of Meditation and Voice

If you have considered…  if you have wondered… if you are curious…  or even if you are an old hand at it, take a bit of time this afternoon to attend Kristina Jones’ Sunday afternoon talk about meditation.  She will be speaking right here in Greater Downtown Oysterville at the church across the street.  Her topic:  “Basic Principals of Meditation.”

“Lest the fact that we’ll be in church confuse people,” Kris says, “I want to point out that what I teach is not a religion.  I’ll be talking about meditation techniques and benefits.  It will be a very informal gathering – lots of opportunities for questions and comments.

Kris in the News

Kristina B. Jones, Opera Star

Kris has been practicing meditation for 42 years and has been teaching for 30 years. (That’s in addition to being an opera star, living in Nepal and starting a non-profit foundation for sexually abused girls and more.  So much more!)  This afternoon, though, the focus will be meditation.

She plans to talk about the medical benefits of meditation (lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, tension, breathing problems and PTSD, as well as the spiritual enhancements (quiets the mind, opens the heart, creates foundation and balance.  In addition, Kris will demonstrate a variety of techniques which she says, attendees are welcome to try.

Kuzzin Kris

Kuzzin Kris, the Williams Connection

I have to confess, I know very little about meditation (yet), but I will here affirm, clearly and repeatedly, that time spent with Kris will be a delight.  Not only will you learn something (guaranteed!) but you will be entertained as well.  And, best of all, you will have a new friend when the hour is up.  Kris is just that kind of gal!

Oh!  Did I mention that she’s my cousin?  As in shirttail?   Actually… since she is a Williams, and half the Peninsula are related to Williamses, she may be your cousin, too.  So come on up to Oysterville this afternoon and enjoy an hour or so with Kuzzin Kris!  The fun begins at 3:00.  It promises to be chilly, so we’ll have the heat on for you!

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  1. Kristina Jones

    Oh, Sydney Dear, this is So Kind of YOU! Hope we get a few interested people and some of the healthier dogs and cats… Thanks very very much, Love, KK


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