Time to Pony Up

Apr 5, 2019 | 1 comment

When I was growing up, our various houses never included anything as grand as a den or an office for my father.  The term “man cave” hadn’t been invented and I’m sure he would have been both amazed and amused at the concept.  No, if he had “paperwork” to do, it was spread out on the dining room table or on a card table in the living room.

Usually, the “set up” occurred shortly after my February 28th birthday and his nightly labors lasted until shortly before mail time on March 15th.  In those days that was when the dreaded income tax was due.  It wasn’t until my first year away at college that the date was changed to the (now) all too familiar April 15th.  As I recall, the card table began to be set up in early February.  Presumably, the rules and regulations were becoming more complicated by then.

We, too, use the dining room table method to sort things out and get them ready for our CPA – a luxury we’ve afforded ourselves since we owned the bookstore and since my writing began to generate a bit of income.  This year, out of curiosity about the new tax regulations, we began early so we could ask our Tax Lady to figure our taxes two ways – by using the new standard deduction and, also, by itemizing as we have done for the past thirty years.  We did slightly better using the standard deduction.  Go figure!

With A Little Help From A Friend

Even so, we had to pay a whole helluva lot more than in any previous year.  So much for the promise by President Tweeter that “Our framework ensures that the benefits of tax reform go to the middle class, not to the highest earners.”  But wait!  Perhaps we are too much below the middle of the middle class? We seem to be in that no man’s land of making too much money to qualify as “below the poverty line” and not quite enough to pay for unexpected expenses – like income tax!

I gave about a nanosecond to all of these thoughts yesterday when I visited a friend and found her dining room table covered with neatly sorted piles of paper.  “Tax time!” she said ruefully.  Yep.  Time to pony up

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  1. Kristina Jones

    Beloved Cuz, I’m so glad to have been charmed by your earlier writing this week, hummingbirds alighting on your arm, dream places, etc. because this one was Damn Depressing… *sigh*… I know you mean well… So, in the spirit of commiseration… Forge On!!! Love, KK


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