Through the Eyes of a Friend

May 22, 2017 | 1 comment

Our Garden at Twilight by Stephanie

One of the nicest perks of friendship is that warm glow you feel when you realize that you see eye-to-eye with one another on something.  My friend Stephanie Frieze’s photographs on FaceBook this morning seemed like a literal manifestation of the way we felt about yesterday’s House Concert by Double ‘J’ and the Boys.

Janet of Double ‘J’ and the Boys by Stephanie

That she loved the concert, I have no doubt.  I think everyone in the audience did.  But, more than that, some of the outstanding details that caught my eye throughout the evening were right there in Stephanie’s photographs – Mark in his fabulous hat; Cec’s stunning braid; our garden at twilight.  There was even one of me that captured me at a moment that I was so entranced with the music that, somehow, I didn’t recognize myself for a moment!  (How does that work, anyway?)

Cec’s Braid by Stephanie

To top it all off,  Stephanie posted a video of one of my all-time favorite Judy Eron songs, “Social Security.”  Judy dedicated it to me and Stephanie has captured it for my continued listening pleasure right there on FaceBook!  (Should I revise this blog’s title to read ‘Through the Eyes and Ears of a Friend’?)

Mark in Hat by Stephanie

As Stephanie’s photos show, it was a wonderful evening!  The music was quintessential Double ‘J’ and the Boys — zany, serious, upbeat; the audience was full of friends (old and new); and, as always, the potluck dinner afterwards was delectable.   It was a fitting last-of-the-season event – one that carries the promise of more to come when September rolls around.

So… if you have a special occasion coming up and, like me, are likely to forget all about the photo ops, I can only hope that you have a friend like Stephanie nearby.  Especially a friend with whom you see eye-to-eye!

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  1. Stephanie Frieze

    House concerts in Oysterville are always transcendent, Sydney. The fibers of my being relax and I feel transported to a simpler time. I would like to bottle the feeling that I get in your house! Double J & the Boys are quintessential fun!


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