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Sep 16, 2020 | 6 comments

A Popular Sign

Most of us old-timers in Oysterville can remember clearly when, not so many years ago, no one locked their doors here.  Now, we can’t put out a campaign sign for one of our  long-time, third-generation neighbors without it getting ripped off.  Twice so far.

After our first “Dan Driscoll for Commissioner” sign disappeared back in July, Dan replaced it, and I faithfully brought the new one into the house each evening before dark and set it out again in the morning.  Then came the smoke, the poor visibility, my sore throat and scratchy eyes and… I became complacent.

Yesterday morning:  the sign was gone.  For the second time.  Carolyn Long’s sign (a bit catywampus) is still there, though I hesitate to say so for fear it, too, will be stolen.  I don’t see any other nearby Driscoll signs gone, but I haven’t actually taken an inventory.  So Nyel and I have the uncomfortable feeling that we are being specifically targeted.

Carolyn Long Survives!

On the other hand, all of the Wolfe signs within view of our house are still up.  It seems possible that it’s one of Frank’s supporters who is doing the dirty deed.  Perhaps Frank needs to have a word with them.  Especially because, of the many Frank Wolfe signs in the village, only one is in front of a voting resident’s home.  The others are a bit misleading since the homeowners live elsewhere full-time and are not eligible to vote in Pacific County.

While it is true that every voter registered in Pacific County can vote in the general election for any one of the candidates running for Pacific County Commissioner  (unlike in the Primary Election in which only the voters in each candidate’s Commissioner district can vote), those voting privileges do not extend beyond the county line.   Perhaps those particular sign displayers are confused about that.   More likely, they are trying to show support for a candidate who most voting residents of the village do not support — an unhappy statement in itself.

Sign or no sign, Dan has our support!

To me, the sign-stealing is just one more example of the neighborhood going downhill.  The Big City Folk move in and good manners and respect seem to evaporate.  It’s too bad.  Perhaps Frank should have a little talk with some of his Oysterville supporters.  They aren’t doing his cause any good at all.  And why the Driscoll signs that Nyel and I have displayed seem to be a particular target is a mystery to us.  If you have an idea, do weigh in!  Inquiring minds want to know.



  1. Tracy Richards

    I just love your blog.
    I wonder if the person stealing the signs is the same person stealing the BLM signs. In addition to not being a Driscoll fan, this person also must be racist.

    • sydney

      Thanks, Tony!
      No, none of the BLM signs in the village have been stolen as far as I know. Only one Driscoll sign. Ours.

  2. Julie Wittrock

    I am sorry to read this. The theft of campaign signs this year seems to be rampant, and across the political spectrum. It is childish and violates first amendment rights. While clearly targeting your sign, it is possible that the perpetrator simply dislikes Mr Driscoll, rather than working actively for Mr Wolfe. I am saddened by this additional example of incivility in a year of so much.

    • sydney

      I think not. As I mentioned, whoever is taking our Driscoll signs is not disturbing other Driscoll signs in the village — and there are many of them. Only ours.

  3. Kathleen Staub

    At least one of our Driscoll signs has “disappeared”; a second one was found tossed in the bushes.

  4. Bonnie Cozby

    Feeling as if you are being watched or tracked is incredibly uncomfortable. I want so badly to have decency and consideration as the norm back in our lives. Differing opinion? Destroy! No room for the sharing of ideas without incrimination. I believe this type of behavior shows up on those so lacking conviction of the ideals they are spouting and so missing the ability of independent thought that all they are left with is a blame game to help justify themselves. No one should feel they have to “consider” forgiving someone for ideas differing from their own and no one has the right to destroy ideas, property or spirit of those with differing opinions. It’s like middle school “mean girls” all over again.


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