The Zoom Boom: Reluctant Acceptance

Oct 20, 2020 | 0 comments

Why I don’t like zoom.

Like it or not (mostly not), we are zooming more frequently these days.  We’ve been to zoom birthday parties and reunions, to zoom meetings and zoom family get-togethers.  Now my Kuzzin Kris is proposing “Readers Theater by Zoom.”

Apparently it’s a new hot idea and leave it to Kris to be on the cutting edge!  In a meeting (by zoom, of course) with Nyel and me and her brother, Bruce, Kris proposed that we explore the possibilities.  She says that her son, Todd (who is an actor), will assist.  I’m not quite sure what that means but the four of us left our zoom recent zoom conversation with an “assignment” — to suggest possible plays.

There are a gazillion! At least.

As I thought about what sort of play might be palatable to these two reluctant Oysterville participants, I thought maybe getting started with a one-act — probably a  humorous one-act — might be okay.  So I went online to see what I could find.  OMG!  Readers theater on zoom is HUGE.  Everything from “Distance Learning with Readers Theater Scripts” and “Free Comedy One Act Plays” to “One-Act Plays Written for Zoom” are clotting up the internet.

Up Close & Personal During The Sheltering Time

I dove right in and selected a few titles to try.  But, truth to tell, I’d rather have Todd advise and select.  As his Uncle Bruce says, “Then we can blame Todd.”  I’m not quite sure what we’d be blaming anyone for, but maybe Bruce has an inside track.  Bruce has never steered us wrong before, so we are now in the waiting mode.  Stay tuned.


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